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The triple R of Glaucine

Reduce · Restore · Regain

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Glaucine in Frankincense - Rosemary Contouring Neck Cream targets mainly sagging and double chin problems.

It reduces the number of fat cells by encouraging lipolysis, and at the same time inhibiting adipocyte differentiation. Fat cells are also trans-differentiated into fibroblasts, the collagen-producing cells, to boost the connective tissues.

Glaucine is also found to reduce water retention.

The triple R functions of Glaucine

Reduce subcutaneous fat

Restore skin supporting structure

Regain skin firmness

are the main reasons that Glaucine is always used as an anti-cellulite agent.

「乳香 ·迷迭香」重塑頸霜有一種成份叫海罌粟,主要針對鬆弛及雙下巴問題。

海罌粟通過促進脂肪分解,抑制脂肪細胞分化,達至減少脂肪細胞數量。 同時,透過脂肪細胞的轉分化,增加用來製造膠原蛋白的成纖維細胞數量, 以增強結締組織的堅固性。


這三重功能 「減脂肪、撐結構、重塑緊緻 」, 就是海罌粟常用於減肥產品的主要原因。

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