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About JAN

Jan’s Aesthetics of Nature "JAN" is a skin-care beauty brand, launched by an accredited aromatherapist and personal care formulator, to provide tailor-made products and services for the customers. We at JAN recognize that every product counts, and each customer’s personal needs matter. By harnessing the potential of aromatherapy, JAN offers a variety of high-quality products, and bespoke beauty services designed to meet each customer’s unique individual requirements.


A passion for excellence has been one of the key drivers from the beginning and continues to be the motivator behind JAN’s endeavors to provide the best natural skin care products that are fresh, effective, and safe.


We look forward to being part of our customers’ journey of self-discovery to learn about their skin condition and its specific requirements. Our business motto - “Your Skin Your Call” – verily empowers our customers to take charge of their own skin destiny.


Our Founder

Our founder, Janus Chan, has always had very sensitive skin since her childhood. Her career in the fast-paced world of finance caused her skin condition to deteriorate further. That led her to explore self-made skincare products for herself as most of off-the-shelves products did not help her skin conditions. While doing her diploma in aromatherapy, Janus started to do experiments such as exploring the benefits of infusing aromatherapy into her natural skincare products. The resulting new creation worked amazingly well for her and several of her friends facing similar issues. That initial success motivated her to do more research and fine-tune the product formulation. New and more targeted formulations were created based on both traditional aromatherapy remedies and natural ingredients.


Good quality and famous branded skincare products are expensive, yet they may not suit one’s skin conditions. So, that initial success, and encouragement and strong support from family and friends, motivated Janus to quit the world of high finance and start JAN. She’s now a qualified aromatherapist and certified personal care formulator.

What makes JAN special and unique?

Fresh products

Bespoke services, made-to-order products and small-batch manufacturing allow us to offer fresh products to our customers. Despite this being costly, our founder believes this is very important, so that our customers avoid exposure to preservatives that are questionable and/or outright dangerous.

Products by emotional needs

As both an aromatherapist and a skincare formulator, Janus cares about a customer’s skin health as also their psychological wellbeing, and therefore strives to adopt a holistic approach in developing skincare products. Our skin’s health is greatly impacted by our stress levels and other psychological factors. Studies have shown that essential oils can effectively treat many stress-related skin problems.

Our ingredients

Our ingredients are mainly organic, natural, nature derivatives, and nature-dentical.

Common ingredients in most of our products:

jojoba oil and hydrosol

Why we like these ingredients?

Jojoba Oil - Golden Liquid Wax

The structure of jojoba oil is akin to human sebum, and that makes it a perfect ingredient for skincare products. Jojoba oil can be absorbed quickly, and it increases elasticity shortly after application. It is also an effective ingredient in topical photoprotective applications due to its combined anti-free radical, emollient, and rapid absorption properties. And, it can also be used on many different skins, including those with eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis.

Hydrosol - Connect your body & mind

Unlike many well-known commercial products, we use hydrosol for all our water-content facial products, not water/aqua. Hydrosols are highly aromatic liquids which remain after steam distillation of essential oils. They share many of the same benefits as essential oils but are much gentler so can be applied directly to the skin. They are also skin-friendly as most hydrosols are slightly acidic (pH 5-6), similar to the pH of skin. The superiority of hydrosols over water is that they tone, nourish, and moisturize the skin. In addition, hydrosols provide instant relaxation with its aroma.

Bespoke service

The core of our business philosophy as we believe in individuality - every skin is unique. Our skin is the reflection of our health, thus every little thing matters, eg. diets, working style, skincare routine, skin issues, etc. This information allows us to advise and develop products that suit a particular client.

Manufacturing process

There are clear guidelines on the manufacturing process that all staff must abide by. As an example, all tools and containers must undergo three-step sterilization. Production is carried out on a clean bench that controls air cleanliness to prevent contamination such as dust, dirt, and airborne micro-organisms.

Say NO

Our products do NOT contain paraben, phthalates, triclosan, BHT, formaldehyde, silicones, mineral oil, artificial colorant, artificial fragrance, and other toxic ingredients that are potentially irritating or sensitizing, carcinogenic, comedogenic, or endocrine disruptors.  

Sustainability - deeper thought


We use recyclable glass containers for most of our products. We use wrapping paper to protect our products for shipping. We encourage customers to let us know if they don’t want boxes for their products.

Small-batch/tailor-made production

We all have experience about disposal of unfinished skincare products. Some cosmetic ingredients are major sources of pollutants to soil and/or the ocean. We at JAN have taken these steps to play our part in saving the planet:

1. As JAN mostly produces to meet an order, we have minimal stocks and thus verily no wastage from product expiry.

2. As we provide bespoke services, our products are tailor-made to suit each customer’s requirements and thus, these are unlikely to be left unused on account of unsuitability.

3. We encourage customers to use products within 2-3 months and thus maintain their freshness. Therefore, most of our products are packed in containers of 30-50g/ml. This minimized likelihood of dumping of unfinished contents.

4. We don’t use toxic ingredients and artificial fragrances/coloring, potentially harmful to the environment.

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