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Aromatic Series

The Aromatic series have both body and essential oil products to keep your body and mind balanced and relaxed at any time and anywhere.

Range of Essential Oils
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Uplift blend

Mixed with Bergamot, Orange Sweet, and Lavender oils, the sweet, tangy citrus aroma is uplifting, refreshing, and energizing.

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Delight blend

Mixed with Rose, Geranium, Clary Sage, and Palmarosa oils (50%) in Jojoba oil, the beautiful floral aroma is soothing and increases love, joy, and happiness. 

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Calm blend

Mixed with Sandalwood, Mandarin, and Ginger oils (50%) in Jojoba oil. Like being in a forest, this aroma connects you with the earth, helps calm emotion and promote grounding. 

Sandalwood_white background.png

Indian Sandalwood

With sweet, warm, and rich balsamic aroma, this luxurious oil is relaxing and soothing, promotes restful sleep, and eases the anxious mind.

Buddha wood_white background.png

Buddha Wood

Dry and woody aroma with sweet rosy undernote, this wood oil is often used in meditation and improves insomnia problems as it is grounding and calming.  

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