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The MUK For Men

The MUK is specifically designed for men's skin in Asia with light and easy-to-absorbed texture. Two series, "Oil-Controller" and "Age-Fighter", are available, both with a woody aroma that is calming and soothing.  

Blend of Ingredients
Image by João Guimarães

Indian Sandalwood

A luxurious wood oil to deeply hydrate and tone the skin, and lighten the appearance of wrinkles. It also  calms the symptoms of atypical dermatitis.

Buddha Wood - wood_edited.png

Buddha wood

Great anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial therapeutic properties. A favorite oil for prevention of shaving rashes. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Famous in cooling, soothing and hydrating, it also protects the complxion from environmental aggressor.


Witch Hazel

Good soothing and astrigent effects for inflamed, oily and acned skin.  


Vitamin B6

A rescuer for acne skin, it helps to balance sebum production, soothe inflammation and bacteria infection.

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Maintain Clean and
Clear Skin

Step 1

Use Refining & Balancing toner for oily/acne skin or All-Purpose Lotion for mature/sensitive skin to soothe and calm the skin after cleansing.


Step 2

Hydrate with Refining & Balancing Lotion for oily or acne skin; or Pro-Collagen Reviving Cream for lightening lines of mature skin.

Quick Tips
for Younger Look

Eye serum_e-store.png

Add the FR Eye-Recharge Serum in the morning and at night to reduce the fine lines and lighten pigment around the eyes.

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