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It is a great honour to be selected again by Liv Magazine as one of the Women of Wellness (“WOW”) in Hong Kong for the second year. This makes me strongly feel I now have greater responsibility for promoting good health and wellness in Hong Kong.

Some people may wonder, what has wellness got to do with a skincare formulator?

Across the Board WOW

It has been observed that when a society becomes prosperous, people tend to adopt a less healthy lifestyle. Only much later, they realize the importance of wellness and become concerned about a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is no longer domain-specific and therefore, all areas should be integrated into making a holistic lifestyle. No wonder, this year’s WOW winners cover not just wellness-related domains such as medical practitioners, personal trainers, etc., but also lawyers, insurance experts, and other entrepreneurs.

How skincare can help your wellness?

Given the weather and environment, people in Hong Kong have a better understanding of the importance of skin health to their overall well-being, as there are so many, so many (I just could not emphasize enough), people suffering from different skin issues, from minor sensitivity to more serious atopical dermatitis.

Unfortunately, many ignore wellbeing of the most widespread organ of their body, and many may not even know how. It is therefore important to educate them on use of the right skincare products. What is a right product? Are the more expensive ones the better? Answer is a BIG NO; it is the one that suits your skin’s specific needs. For more clarity and awareness, please check out my interview by Liv Magazine here:

Picture and interview are from Liv Magazine

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