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The simpler, the better 《簡單是美》

皮膚敏感時,護膚品及護膚程序應盡量以簡單為主 🙂

💡太複雜或太多活性成份嘅產品會增加皮膚負擔,有機會使敏感情況加劇。 💡盡量避免一啲容易刺激皮膚嘅成份。 💡有啲朋友本身對自然界某種物質敏感,所以就算係天然或有機產品,大家都應多加注意啊! 💡可用一些pH值約5.5的護膚品(例如Triple R+ 舒緩精華),對皮膚會比較溫和

Most of us have suffered from certain degree of skin allergy. However, do you change your skin care routine during this unpleasant period? In fact, we should keep our skin care products and procedures as simple as possible when we have skin allergy 😎 💡Products that are too complex or have too many actives will put extra burden to skin and there’s chance of increasing sensitivity. 💡It is also essential to avoid ingredients that can cause allergy. 💡 Some people are allergic to certain substances in nature, so even if the skin care product is natural or organic, we should pay more attention to the list of ingredients. 💡 Skin care products with a pH of about 5.5 (such as Triple R+ soothing serum) are more gentle to our skin

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