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Sustainability - Choose Tailor made Natural Skincare Products

Updated: May 20, 2020

Nowadays we talk about green, we talk about sustainability. How about green and sustainability in skincare and cosmetics? I believe tailor made natural skin care is part of it.

We are all very familiar with unfurnished cosmetic products. Many of them are in oversized packaging or sometimes we just find them unsuitable after a while. Such oversized packaging does not only create wastage, it also harms our earth’s fragile ecological system.

Depending on ingredients, some chemicals being washed down the sink may not be broken down and ended up in our oceans. Different chemical will have different impact on our sea life, e.g. BHA and BHT can cause genetic mutations in amphibians. In turn, this will upset the ecosystem.

Furthermore, our skin condition could change over time due to weather, stress level, sleep condition, or any other factors, and so the need of skin product could change too.

Being a responsible producer of handmade skincare products, we use the best natural, yet harmless, ingredients to ensure the best outcome for your skin. Our products are in small batches and packed in small bottles to reduce wastage. More importantly, we can customize skin products based on your skin needs.

Gentle reminder to our customers:

“Be Mindful - Choose Well, Reduce Excessive Purchases”

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