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Pomegranate - SUPER for body and skin

有機紅石榴抗衰老精華油/Organic Pomegranate Anti-Aging Oil

Pomegranate flower

主要功效: 修復角質層、鞏固皮膚屏障、清除自由基、減慢皮膚老化、消炎、滋養、保濕


Major functions: Restore stratum corneum, strengthen skin barrier, scavenge free radicals, protect skin from aging, counteract inflammation, nourish and moisturize

The organic pomegranate anti-aging oil in our Rose Stem Cell Regenerative Cream is a combination of pomegranate flower extract and jojoba oil. The oil-soluble active ingredients – polyphenols, phytosterol, terpenes - have potent anti-oxidation, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. Plant polyphenols inhibit lipid oxidation through scavenging free radicals; phytosterol stimulate collagen autogenicity; and terpenoids promote production of keratinocytes and keratin, reduce inflammation, and protect epidermal structures of the stratum corneum from oxidative damage. In addition, they supplement the intercellular lipid component, rebuild the hydrolipidic skin barrier, form a protective film on epidermis to prevent water loss as well as nourish the skin - especially suitable for dry, weak, slack, dull and aging skin.


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