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Rose Stem Cell - A diamond in the desert

玫瑰幹細胞 - 玫瑰幹細胞再生面霜的重要材料


· 幫助皮膚應對氣候變化,抵禦寒冷,改善皮膚整體抵抗力

· 增強皮膚天然屏障保護

· 改善膚色均勻、美白及淡化色素

· 促進表皮細胞更新



Rose Stem Cell - one of the key ingredients of Rose Stem Cell Regenerative Cream

Major functions:

• Help the skin to adapt with climate change, resist cold and improve overall skin resistance

• Strengthennaturalskin barrier

• Even skin tone, whitening and lightening pigmentation

• Promote epidermal cell renewal

Weather and temperature in the Alps are extreme. Growing under the intense UV rays and barren soils, most plants are rich in a variety of active ingredients and are very tenacious, including wild roses - the source of rose stem cells. Leaves of wide roses are thick and their stomataare covered by scales to effectively prevent water loss. Their petals are protected from freezing and drying with the special protein. Polyphenols are effective against UV rays and free radicals. The ingredients are rare and precious.

Therefore, rose stem cells are highly active ingredients, rich in antioxidants and protective proteins. This includes taxifolin - the most natural and precious antioxidant; texane - with the ability to sooth rash, allergies, acne; chlorogenic acid – the effective ingredient in preventing melanin, and catechin – its antioxidant function is stronger than vitamin E.

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