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Restore youthful skin with Plant Placenta

  • Preserve or restore lustrous and youthful looks

  • Plant-based ingredient for anti-ageing

  • Effective skin firmer, lifter and hydrator

It is well-known that placentas have lots of micro-nutrients to help fetus grow. In skin care, placentas are used for their anti-ageing properties. These promote collagen production and increase skin elasticity, and therefore, are considered useful and effective skin-firmer, lifter, and hydrator.

Is placenta only from animal??? Not quite…

Traditionally, placenta from sheep and cattle have generally been used in skin care products, but we use a totally plant-based placenta derived from natural active compound of kudzu, aloe vera and chlorella (together known as Plant Placenta) in our Pro-Collagen Reviving Cream for men. This compound, originally from Japan, functions the same way as placenta does about its anti-ageing effect, viz., an increase in collagen production and skin elasticity. Further, it inhibits melanin formation, brightens skin and lightens dark spots.

I know aloe vera is good for sensitive skin, does it help for anti-ageing? and what about kudzu and chlorella?

There exists a great deal of research on the use of individual ingredients of Plant Placenta in the cosmetics products, especially their anti-ageing benefits. The root of kudzu is believed to be a rich source of bioactive constituent, with flavonoid phytochemical compound being a notable bioactive ingredient for cosmetics use. Studies have shown antioxidative, anti-glycation (anti-ageing), skin regeneration and melanogenesis inhibitory properties of kadzu[1].

Chlorella vulgaris extract, rich in amino acids, was demonstrated to prevent breakdown of skin’s collagen and elasticity, as also stimulate synthesis of collagen at low concentration. Other studies have shown it can increase firmness and significantly reduce appearance of stretch marks[2].

Aloe vera has been used over centuries for its beauty and skincare benefits. Among the 75 active photochemicals found in its inner layer include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, lipids, sugars, salicylic acid and amino acids, and provide anti-inflammatory benefits to human skin. Aloin protects the skin from damage by free radicals on account of oxidative stress, and Vitamin C and beta carotene act as antioxidants[3].

With such a vast array of beneficial properties and functions, Plant Placenta is the must-use ingredient for all those interested in preserving and/or restoring their lustrous and youthful looks.

It makes sense that the placenta almost looks like a tree with many branches - a tree of life. (Ricky Lake)

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