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Natto - Super food for skin


y-PGA essence (Gamma-Poly-Glutamic Acid)


y-PGA具極強的保濕能力,其特殊的分子結構能幫助皮膚從三方面保濕,1)幫助皮膚從環境中吸收水份,增加細胞水份;2)在肌膚形成鎖水保護層,防止水份經表皮流失;3)促進聚角蛋白微絲的產生,增加細胞內保濕因子,恢復肌膚的天然補水力,促進皮膚健康。保持皮膚濕潤非常重要,因為只有濕潤的皮膚表面才能有效地從大氣中吸收氧氣。在正常條件下,大部分較上層的皮膚是通過大氣直接攝取氧氣的。如果供氧不足會顯著降低皮膚的天然保濕能力, 慢慢地便會出現皮膚乾燥及老化的跡象。


As is well known, Natto is a part of regular diet of many Japanese. Natto, a superfood, contains many vitamins, easily digestible proteins and various digestive enzymes, etc.. Further, it contains gamma-glutamic-acid (y-PGA), a.k.a. natto gum, which is the major component of the mucilage of natto.

The y-PGA is a strong moisturizing agent. With its special molecular structure, it has triple moisturizing effect - capturing, locking and retaining the moisture, and increasing natural moisturizing factors through boosting the production of filaggrin. All this together helps to restore the natural rehydrating ability of skin. It is important to keep the skin moist as only moist skin surface can efficiently absorb oxygen from the atmosphere. Under normal conditions, a substantial part of the upper skin is supplied by direct oxygen uptake from the atmosphere. Insufficient oxygen supply significantly reduces skin’s natural moisturizing ability. Eventually visual signs of dry and ageing skin appear.

The γ-PGA also brightens the skin, reduces the fine lines and smoothens wrinkles, leaving your skin radiant and moist.

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