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天然水份調節師/Natural Hydro-regulator

Updated: May 12, 2020

Tripe R+ 其中一隻天然抗敏成份係由甜菜頭抽取嘅甜菜鹼,係一種天然氨基酸。好多大牌子都有用佢。點解?🧐🤔

👉🏻 同一般保濕劑唔同,甜菜鹼好容易將水分子釋放到週邊,幫助水分子被完全吸收,係皮膚嘅水份調節師。 👉🏻 同時舒緩皮膚敏感。 👉🏻用左加有甜菜鹼嘅保養品,肌膚會變得柔滑,重可以減淡乾紋添。

One of the anti-allergic natural ingredients in Tripe R+ is betaine, which is extracted from sugar beet and is a natural amino acid. Many big names use betaine in their products, largely because of 👉🏻 its fabulous hydro-regulation and soothing properties. 👉🏻 Unlike other humectant, betaine does not just trap moisture, but quickly releases water molecules to its surroundings and helps them to be completely absorbed. 👉🏻 It is a natural way to have a smooth and soft skin, as well as reduce fine lines. #mix2matchserum #TripleRplus #soothingserum #Betaine#Yourskinyourcall #甜菜鹼 #敏感皮膚舒緩精華 #自己混自己精華 #自己皮膚自己話事

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