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Allergen closed at hand 《身邊的致敏原》

記得幾年前有一段時間小編隔幾個月就會爆好多瘡,個醫生話係玫瑰痤瘡,再睇另一個就話係暗瘡。因為本身皮膚都算OK,聽到醫生咁講,個心真係震一震,因為玫瑰痤瘡好難處理,時不時會翻發,當時又未有Triple R+舒緩精華:P , 所以睇完西醫又睇中醫。後來自己上網研究,先知原來牙膏,尤其係美白牙膏,都會引起敏感。之後轉左牙膏,就真係無再發。我想講嘅係大家應多留意自己平時用嘅嘢,佢地可能就係你的致敏原。

There was a period of time few year back when my face had suffered from skin outbreak every few months. A doctor said it was rosacea, another one said it’s only acne. I was really scared because rosacea is difficult to treat, and it flares up from time to time (and there was no Triple R + soothing serum by then : P). I also tried CTM but could only control temporarily. Later after doing some online research, I realized that toothpaste, especially the whitening ones, could trigger the flare up. So I changed the toothpaste and “luckily” it didn’t come back. My conclusion is that everyone should pay attention to what they use regularly as the allergen could just be close-at-hand.

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