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積雪草為你打造完美肌膚 Perfect Skin by Centella

Updated: May 20, 2020

TripleR+ 另一重要成份是積雪草。相信大家都知道積雪草有幾風魔韓國🤪,皆因佢卓越嘅抗衰老及修復功能 👍🏻(之前在這個blog已經講過,大家可以睇返)。

咁大家又知唔知佢响抗敏方面同樣出色😎?據一啲研究講,加左積雪草嘅保養品有助皮膚持續保濕及減少水分從表皮流失,對於泛紅亦有舒緩作用 (包括由玫瑰座瘡引起),所以積雪草真係皮膚嘅最佳醫生👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️。


Centella asiatica, another important ingredient of TripleR+, has gone viral in Korea.🤪 Its excellent anti-aging and wound repairing functions have widely been accepted and recognised👍🏻 (I have reviewed this ingredient in my earlier post).

But do you know its anti-allergic function is equally good😎? According to some studies, Centella asiatica helps to keep the skin moist and reduce trans-epidermal water loss. It also has a soothing effect on the redness-prone skin, including those suffered from rosacea. 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

The following are some research on Centella asiatica for your interest. Research: 1. Ratz-Łyko, A. et al. Moisturizing and antiinflammatory properties of cosmetic formulations containing Centella asiatica extract. Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences 78.1, 27 (2016) 2. W. Bylka, et al. Centella asiatica in cosmetology. Postepy Dermatol Alergol. 2013 Feb; 30(1): 46–49.

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