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Seaweed extract - Not just delicious

我們選用的海藻萃取是由天然深海海藻提取,含多種天然植物多醣、維他命及礦物質,容易被皮膚吸收,能增加水份凝聚力,滋潤及緩和乾燥肌膚。此外,海藻可修復皮膚親油層,為皮膚提供一道防禦牆,使水份不易流失,增加保濕能力之如,亦可保護皮膚避免受惡劣天氣影響,以及幫助修復受損細胞,令肌膚變得柔軟嫩滑。海藻萃取亦具抗氧化功效,防止肌膚出現色斑及皺紋等衰老現象 。

Seaweed extract, is an easily absorbable natural source of polysaccharide, vitamins and minerals. It promotes water-binding capacity and helps moisturization to alleviate the skin dryness. Seaweed also repairs skin's lipophilic layer and forms a defensive skin barrier to reduce transepidermal water loss which enhances the skin’s moisturizing ability and protects it from the harsh weather. Seaweed also has the capacity to heal the damaged skin cells and its anti-oxidant traits help prevent the skin from pigments, wrinkles and other ageing symptoms.

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