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NMF - The natural moisturising source

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

酵母保濕亮肌精華的另一個成份 - 植物保濕因子,由多種天然保濕成份混合而成,包括葡萄糖、山梨醇、尿素、天然保濕因子PCA、甘油、乳酸、水解小麥蛋白、泛醇等,是很強的保濕劑。

事實上,NMF蘊藏於皮膚外層,通過從大氣吸收並把水份結合後帶進角質細胞,保濕並保護皮膚。 即使在相對濕度較低的環境中也能發揮作用,平衡皮膚天然保濕度,修復乾燥。NMF溶解在水中與角蛋白纖維產生離子相互作用,增加角質層彈性,使皮膚健康柔軟,防止龜裂及脫皮。

Another ingredient of the Yeast Brightening Moist Serum - the NMF. The NMF is a mixture of powerful humectants such as glucose, sorbitol, urea, PCA, glycerin, lactic acid, hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol, etc. In fact, the NMF, present at the outer layer of the skin, protects and hydrates the skin through drawing water from the atmosphere into the corneocytes. This process can occur even in a relatively low-humidity environment so as to maintain an adequate level of water. The NMF dissolves into the water and its ionic interactions with keratin fibers increases the elasticity of the stratum corneum, makes the skin healthy and supple, and prevents it from cracking or flaking.

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