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奇妙的天然花水/ Magic of hydrosol from the nature

Updated: May 20, 2020


現在大家都要日日帶口罩,加上天氣又熱🥵,好多人都多左啲粒粒,小編都唔例外,有時真係忍唔住手將佢哋節晒出嚟😩。 大家可以用花水加落紙面膜敷面,10分鐘就可以消腫降紅消炎,仲白淨番哂。玫瑰、白玫瑰同白蘭花花水都係我飛佛 ❤️,你呢?


Hydrosol is the very basic ingredient for our tailor made natural skincare. I believe it is also the basic item on your cosmetic table.

I always have a bottle of hydrosol at home. I used it with a paper mask after squeezing the acne around my lip recently. I suspect the surgical mask and the hot weather were the trigger. After only 10 minutes, all the swelling and redness have gone, leaving me with a bright and radiant face 🤩. Rose, Alba and White Champaca are my favourite, what’s yours?

In fact, this simple mask can be used everyday during this hot weather. With the nice floral aroma‍🌷🌹🌺, it can rejuvenate both our skin and our mind🥰🥰. From now on, you should also have a bottle of hydrosol at home all the time😉.

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