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大自然的美白力量/A whitening power from nature

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Morus alba


美白的原理主要有兩方面 - 預防與淡化黑色素。

JAN的花悅·美白輕盈面霜裏的白桑樹萃取,含Mulberroside F,能有效抑制酪氨酮酶的活性(速成黑色素合成的酶),減少黑色素合成,令肌膚淨白剔透,膚色均勻。


Mulberry extract

The skin whitening formula works through prevention of melanin production and lightening of the pigmentation.

The Mulberry (Morus alba) extract in JAN’s Floriferous Whitening Light Cream does the prevention work as Mulberroside F from Morus alba inhibits the melanin formation and tyrosinase activity. This can avert pigmentation in the skin, and also help in lightening and improving the skin tone.

Various studies confirm the efficacy of the use of Morus alba in cosmetic to lighten skin.

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