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大自然抗氧恩物/Antioxidant from the nature

綠茶萃取/Green Extract

大家都知道日本人喜歡喝綠茶,這也是她們長壽的原因之一。 綠茶含豐富的抗氧化物,包括茶多酚、茶鹼、維生素C、維生素E等。平常飲用能預防動脈硬化和心臟疾病,延誤衰老。綠茶含的單寧酸,中和氧化的能力是維生素E的18 倍,能抑制正常細胞癌變。


It is well-known that green tea is Japanese' favourite and it is also one of the major reasons behind their long life. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants, such as tea polyphenols, theophylline, vitamin C, vitamin E. Drinking regularly can prevent arteriosclerosis and heart disease, and delay aging. Green tea contains tannic acid, which is 18 times more effective than vitamin E in anti-oxidation. It can also inhibit canceration of normal cell.

Green tea is also used in skin care. Its antioxidants can fight against free radicals that cause aging, promote blood circulation and formation of collagen. Skin care products that contain green tea can firm our skin and promote elasticity. Our skin will look more youthful and bright. At the same time, green tea also has a soothing effect on skin inflammation and sun protection.

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