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大自然太可愛了:愛太陽的太陽花也能保護皮膚光衰/Anti photoaging with sun-loving flower

太陽花抗紅外線精華/Sunflower Infrared Protection Essence



Combine sunflower sprout and tara tannins, the essence has been found to protect the skin from infrared and blue light-induced damages, which are the major contributor to pre-mature aging, i.e. photo-aging. This includes blocking free radical formation and protecting mitochondrial DNA upon exposure to these light rays. These functions are important in the protection of collagen and in maintaining the proper function of skin cells, and thus the health of skin tissues.

Studies also show that the essence helps in improving the effectiveness of UV sunscreens, as well as protecting skin cells from oxidative stress caused by pollution.

全能抗光日霜/APA Complete Day Cream

全能抗光日霜提供全方位保護,抵抗UVA 、UVB、藍光及紅外線對皮膚傷害,並有抗污染功效。結合塔拉、向日葵、紅海藻及紅肉葡萄幹細胞的天然防曬成份,能減少光線對皮膚做成的壓力、形成自由基及對皮膚DNA的破壞。避免皮膚過早出現衰老徵狀,包括色斑、皺紋、皮膚鬆弛等。



One-stop solution to UVA, UVB, blue light and infrared, as well as pollution.

APA Complete combines the natural power of tara, sunflowers, red algae and red-flesh grapes to protect the skin against the light-induced stress and the formation of free radicals that could damage skin DNA and lead to sign of aging, such as age spots, wrinkles and skin loosening. It also increases the skin tolerance to UV rays and improves the efficacy of sunscreen.

This day cream with light texture is suitable for daily use.

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