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化妝品成份搜尋器/Cosmetic ingredient search engine

Updated: May 20, 2020



1. FDA Common Cosmetic Allergen: 例出常見的化妝品成份致敏原

2. Cosmetic Ingredient Review(化妝品成份評論): 對一些護膚品成份進行安全研究

3. Cosing: 查詢成份及功能,亦有歐盟消費者安全委員會對成份的安全意見

No matter it is tailor made natural skincare products or products from large brands, we shall always pay attention to the ingredient list. This will help us to stay away🤭🤭 from cosmetic ingredients that are common to cause allergy or irritation, but where can we find the relevant information?

Here are some official websites that I found useful and trustable:

1. FDA: Common cosmetic allergen 2. Cosmetic Ingredient Review: Review on the safety of cosmetic ingredients 3. Cosing: Provide information on the function of cosmetic ingredients, as well as opinion from Scientific Committee of Customer Safety of EU

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